Congratulations to the following candidates who received the endorsement of the 44th LD.

  • Amy Kaestner
  • Raymond Miller
  • Terry Ryan
  • Kristin Kelly – County Council District 5
  • Karen Guzak – City of Snohomish, Mayor
  • Jason Call – City of Marysville, Council Position #2
  • Jared Mead – City of Mill Creek, Council Position #2
  • Chad Byers – Alderwood Water and Wastewater District, Comm’r Position #3
  • P. Bret Chiafalo – Fire District 01, Commissioner Position #3
  • Brandy Donaghy – Fire District 01, Commissioner Position #3

A special thanks to our Endorsement Committee Chair, Michael Brewer, and the endorsement committee, Michael Boe, Stephanie Vignal, and Alex Acevedo.  We appreciate your thoughtfulness and considered attention to recommending candidates worthy of endorsement by the 44th.  This is a difficult and often thankless job that endorsement committees do for their LDs.  Our committee is setting a standard we should carry forward so those seeking our endorsement who will know they must do their homework, if they want to earn our endorsement.  We want our candidates to be qualified so, when they are elected, they will represent us well.

Our thanks to Michael and the committee for all you do.
Diana McGinness
44th LD Chair

Diana McGinness

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