Nominations Committee

2018 Committee Membership

  • Chair: Michael Brewer
  • Member: Brandy Donaghy
  • Member: Holly Winters
  • Member: Joseph Jensen
  • Member: Rick DeWitt

2018 Reorganization Officer Candidate Statements

44th Legislative District – 2018 REORG Candidate Statements (PDF)

Chair – Diana McGinness

It has been my honor to serve as your Chair during the 2017-2018 cycle. I believe much was accomplished in the last two years, but we have much more to do. I would like to see more outreach to allied organizations, representation at City and County Council meetings, a District fundraiser that would help us increase our ability to support our candidates. We need more involvement with our communities that we were unable to focus on in the last term.
The 2019 election cycle will include the Snohomish County Auditor. We MUST make sure a Republican does not control this office. The 2020 election cycle will be absolutely critical in removing the current occupant of the White House, as it is unlikely any report Mueller submits will make the GOP controlled Senate reverse course. And while Washington State will undoubtedly contribute to his removal, I think there is much we can contribute to help other states join us in removing him and send D.C. another blue wave to turn the Senate blue while keeping our District blue! We will also want to build support for removing our current GOP Secretary of State.
It would be my honor to continue as your Chair and work with you to help us reach these goals. I ask for your vote.

First Vice Chair – Alex Acevedo

My name is Alex Acevedo, current 1st Vice Chair of the 44th LD Democrats. I am running again for Vice-Chair and humbly ask for your support.
Born and raised in NYC, I moved to Lake Stevens in 2006. I caucused in 2008 and joined the 44th LD during the summer of 2015. Since joining, I have served as a PCO, worked on several committees, served as PCO coordinator, and vice chair of the 44th. I have worked within our LD in support of our candidates, causes, and initiatives, worked on increasing voter turnout, and helped recruit, train, and organize newly appointed PCOs.
My greatest strength is organizing behind the scenes, information gathering and analysis, and developing good processes. I hope to continue my work in supporting the goals of the 44th, growing the membership, voter turnout, and supporting our PCOs.

Second Vice Chair – Stephanie Vignal

I intend to run for 2nd Vice Chair again for the 2019-2020 term. Over the past two years I have gained valuable knowledge and experience regarding the way the LD works as Secretary and 2nd Vice Chair. I would like the opportunity to build on these skills.
As 2nd Vice Chair it is imperative that I be able to work with others and have the ability to stand up and take on more responsibility when assistance is needed by the Chair and Vice Chair. I have proven that I have the ability to work alongside those in our organization with diverse backgrounds and ideas and will continue to build bridges among members. I stepped up and worked to create events with our local campaigns and candidates for the 44th to assist with over the last election cycle and it is my intention to build on that knowledge and continue to build a framework for helping new candidates get organized and provide the information they need once they announce their candidacy.
For these reasons I feel that I am qualified and a good fit as 2nd Vice Chair for the 44th.

Treasurer – Darlene Miller

Hi, my name is still Darlene Miller and I am again asking for your vote for Treasurer. As I stated before, I’m an Accountant with over 30 years’ experience and have been your Treasurer for the past two years. Please vote for me for your Treasurer.

State Committee Member (1) – Rick DeWitt

I am running for 44th LD State Committee Member (SCM), male. Please vote for me.
My focus is to innovate and deploy new organizing technology to leverage the statewide delegate selection process, creating a river of donors and volunteers that flows to all campaigns endorsed by local Democrats, because merely winning elections is not enough.
Our enormous responsibility is to help civilization persist. I cannot fail to take that on, and neither should you.

State Committee Member (1) – Jeremy Street

My name is Jeremy Street and I am running for State Committee Member. I am the current PCO for Brook Precinct. I was inspired to run for this position after being elected by this body to be a part its delegation to this year’s Washington State Democratic Convention. Not only was it a great honor to represent you, it was truly an eye opening experience to be able to meet and work with party activists and leaders from all over this great state.
I bring to the table not only my political experience (I was an elected delegate to the 2008 King County Caucuses and a precinct delegate to the 2016 44th LD Caucuses), I bring over 22 years of experience as an active member of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. I know how to engage and empower people to fight, and win, on the issues that matter to them.
I am asking to be a voice for you.
I am asking for your vote.
I appreciate your consideration, and look forward to seeing you all at the upcoming reorganization.

State Committee Member (2) – Darlene Miller

My name is Darlene Miller and I am running to continue being your State Committee Representative. My qualifications are that I am an Accountant with over 30 years of experience and know how to work in the business world. Representing you at the state level for the past two years has added experience in the political world. I enjoy studying documents and analyzing them to determine any important questions that need to be asked. I also enjoy communicating with the amazing, passionate Democrats from around the state. I never missed a meeting and plan on not missing any going forward. Please vote for me for your State Committee Representative.

State Committee Member (2) – Kerrie McLaughlin

I was born in Indiana; my family moved to the Northwest when I was young, so I consider the Northwest home. I grew up in Kirkland, and my husband and I bought our first home in the Silver Firs area of South Everett 12 years ago. I have 11 year old twins in the Everett School District, and work as a Global Operations Development Lead in Clinical Project Management for Seattle Genetics, a Bothell-based biotech company developing cancer treatments. I’m running for State Committee Rep because I want to help prepare Washington State for the 2020 General Election, and I believe that I have the experience and skills to represent our LD well and make a difference. In anticipation of the upcoming presidential election, we need to continue the work that we began 2 years ago to organize, get out the vote, and elect Democrats! I pledge to represent the voices of our entire legislative district organization, and my activities will include reaching out and engaging with members who aren’t active, in order to ensure fair and complete representation of the 44th.

County Committee Member (1) – Holly Winters

As a newly elected PCO to the Strawberry precinct, I look forward to increasing my participation within the 44th Legislative District as candidate for County Committee Member. I have always been an active participant in the political process, and I seek to collaborate with other committee members in order to further the progressive agenda of Democrats in Snohomish County.
I earned my MA in cultural studies from UW Bothell, and I have served as a Spanish language educator for the past 13 years. This year I transitioned my hobby of farming into a full-time business and am thrilled to be building relationships with other small business owners in the community. I kindly ask for your vote and am eager to represent the 44th with my fellow Snohomish County Democrats.

County Committee Member (2) – Benjamin Briles

My name is Benjamin Briles. I seek to represent the Democrats of the 44th LD to the Snohomish County Democrats as one of the two County Committee Persons.
In this last term, I have served as this body’s parliamentarian, as the same for the County Dems, as a member of the endorsements committee, as an organizer, as a fundraiser, and as a volunteer for our endorsed candidates, ballot measures, and this body numerous times. I seek to represent all our interests at the county level, and to ensure our shared values are expressed during the Snohomish County Democrats meetings.

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