Addendum to this report:

Mr. McDonald informed me Jerry Cornfield of the Herald had received the information regarding Mr. Call’s suspension via a Facebook post on a progressive site and they had responded to Mr. Cornfield’s inquiry. In my conversation with Mr. Cornfield he stated he had only been made aware of a resolution and identified three documents he had received from the state. I have asked him to confirm Mr. McDonald’s statement and provide me with the Facebook site where he obtained this information.  To date, Mr. Cornfield has not responded.

The person identified by Mr. Cornfield to me denied providing the information to Mr. Cornfield, however, refused to forward to me the email he had sent to Mr. Cornfield to confirm the documents he had provided.

A recent email from the State Party Chair now alleges:

“All of my staff pride themselves on their professionalism, and it’s been made crystal clear that no such leak occurred. In fact, as Jerry Cornfield at the Herald has said, he was approached by Mr. Call to write an article and provided with all the supposedly leaked information by Mr. Call.”

Mr. Cornfield has not responded to this allegation to confirm or deny. Original contact made to various people by Mr. Cornfield does not appear to support this statement.

Link to the Response to Jason Call Resolution


Diana McGinness

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