Our mission is to build a government that is of the people, by the people, and for the people, by electing Democrats who are guided by the platforms of our LD, County, State, and National Democratic Parties.


Farmers are stewards of the land that sustains us. We must preserve family farms, strengthen rural communities, ensure the availability of high-quality food, and maintain the viability of land and water.

Civil Rights and Human Rights

The rights guaranteed by our Constitution and international human rights law are central to our democracy and must not be compromised.

Corporate Power

Corporations are artificial entities, and not entitled to Constitutional protections as persons. We oppose the undue influence of corporations on our society, government and political process.

Economic Justice, Jobs, and Tax Fairness

A sustainable economy with strong communities requires living-wage jobs, tax fairness, opportunity, and shared prosperity for all.


The backbone of our democracy is a free, universal public school system that produces informed, reasoning and thoughtful citizens. Our state is responsible for providing a high quality education for all children, pre-K through grade 12, and affordable access for those who seek higher education.

Environment, Climate Change and Energy

A sustainable and thriving society requires vigorous environmental protections, sustainable ecosystems, and strong action to combat climate change.

Foreign Policy

The United States should lead by example and work cooperatively within the international community to promote peace, cooperation, justice, and democracy.

Government and Political Reform

Government derives its legitimacy from the people, to whom it must be answerable; it serves as their instrument to achieve ends that the people could not achieve individually. Our representative democracy requires full participation by an informed citizenry; a voting process that is fair, transparent, and open to all; and public officials who are accountable to society.

Health Care

Health care is a basic human right. Government should work to improve our overall health, while assuring access to high-quality, affordable care for everyone.

Human Services

As a caring community, we must provide a safety net of social services that meets the basic needs of people, especially those on the margins of society, so they can attain their full potential.


Immigrants strengthen America. All immigrants should be afforded full human rights, a fair, safe, and timely path to legal status, and an opportunity for full integration into our society.


A strong economy and nation depend on jobs that provide safe working conditions, fair and living wages, and benefits. All workers must have the right to organize and bargain collectively to establish decent pay, benefits, and working conditions. No one who works full-time should have to live in poverty.

Law and the Justice System

The rule of law is a prerequisite for democracy. A good government provides for safety, security and justice for all, with care, fairness and respect for the individual. No person is above the law. Media Reform An informed citizenry and persistently inquisitive independent media are essential for democracy to flourish.

Military and Veterans Affairs

We honor those who choose to answer our country’s call to military service, and we insist on sufficient benefits and quality medical and mental health care for them at all times. We owe it to those who put their lives on the line, to deploy our military judiciously. War should only be used as a last resort after other alternatives have been exhausted.


Better public transportation promotes equal opportunity, enhances public health, reduces environmental impacts, and improves the quality of life for all.

Tribal Relations and Sovereignty

Tribal governments are sovereign nations and part of our national identity and community. They must be recognized as such and their treaty rights respected.



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