2018 44th Legislative District Platform


Our mission is to build a government that is of the people, by the people, and for the people, by electing Democrats who share the ideals we affirm in the platforms of our LD, County, State, and National Democratic Parties.


We support sound agricultural practices as essential to the health and sustainability of our people and economy. We support the patronage of local producers.

Arts and Culture

We support easy access and frequent exposure to the arts, and to the elements that comprise all the world’s diverse cultures, as they are essential for the enrichment, health and well being of our greater society.

 Civil Rights and Human Rights

We enjoy our opportunity and freedom to be ourselves, while treating others with dignity and respect, and protecting against discrimination and harassment, including gender, sex, race, age, disability, color, creed, national origin, religion, and sexual orientation. The rights guaranteed by our Constitution and international human rights law are central to our democracy and must not be compromised.

Corporate Power

We believe corporations are entities and not entitled to Constitutional protections as persons. We oppose the influence of corporations on our society, government and political process.

Economic Justice, Jobs, and Tax Fairness

We believe a strong economy and nation depend on jobs that provide safe working conditions, income transparency, fair and equitable living wages, affordable housing, and quality employee benefits. Tax fairness and equal opportunities to employment are also required. No person working full-time should be forced to live below the poverty line. We support amending the State Constitution to allow for a progressive state income tax.


We believe the backbone of our democracy is a free, universal public-school system that promotes informed, reasoned, and thoughtful citizens with critical thinking skills to allow all students to reach their full potential. We agree that education is a paramount duty of Washington and support the Washington State Supreme Court’s McCleary decision to fully fund education at all levels. Post-secondary education should be accessible regardless of financial means.

Environment, Climate Change and Energy

We believe a sustainable and thriving society requires vigorous environmental protections, sustainable ecosystems, clean and renewable energy systems, and strong action to combat climate change.

Foreign Policy

We believe the United States should lead by example and work diplomatically within the international community to promote peace, cooperation, justice, and democracy. We should not tolerate nor should we participate in any actions that break international human rights laws.

Government and Political Reform

We believe our representative democracy requires full participation by an informed citizenry; a voting process that is fair, transparent, and open to all; and public officials who are honest and accountable to society.

Gun Reform

We believe that unregulated access to firearms contributes to an unsafe society. We support common sense gun reform and universal background checks.

Health Care

We believe health care is a basic human right. Government should fund scientific research to improve our overall health, while moving towards providing high-quality affordable universal health care. We support a person’s right to choose, as protected by Roe v Wade and the Washington State Reproductive Freedom Act.

Human Services

We support improving the safety net of social services that provide for the needs of all people, especially those on the margins of society.


We believe immigrants strengthen our country. All immigrants should be afforded full human rights, a fair, safe, and timely path to legal status, access to affordable legal representation, and an opportunity to fully integrate into our society.


We believe all workers must have the right to organize and bargain collectively. e oppose “Right to Work” laws.

Law and the Justice System

We believe good government provides for the safety, security and justice for all, with care, fairness and respect for the individual regardless of demographics. The judicial system must be free to ensure our laws and penalties are constitutional, equitable, and without bias. No person or entity is above the law nor should they be denied due process or equal protection. We do not support the privatization of the prison industry.

Media Reform

We believe an informed citizenry and persistently inquisitive and ethical independent media are essential for democracy to flourish. Net neutrality is imperative to ensure equal access to information and services through the Internet. We oppose media consolidation that limits the diversity of voices in the public discourse.

Military and Veterans Affairs

We must deploy our military judiciously. Military action must be legal and used as a last resort and only after other alternatives have been exhausted. We honor our service members and veterans, and we insist on sufficient benefits, services, and quality medical and mental health care.


We believe that an efficient, well-planned, multimodal transportation system promotes a healthy economy, environment, and community. Public roads should not be monetized for private profit.

Tribal Relations and Sovereignty

We believe we must maintain a lasting and respectful relationship with Tribal Nations and oppose all attempts to diminish tribal sovereignty, tribal culture, land and natural resources or the general welfare of all tribes.

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