Please join the 44th. Contributions help pay our room rental, keep our website presence, but needed supplies and help us contribute to endorsed candidates during the election cycle. Your contributions are greatly appreciated!

Please note, contributions are NOT tax deductible.

Recommended dues are listed below. We are using Act Blue for membership donations.

No person shall be denied membership because of their inability to pay dues. A request for reduction or waiver of dues is granted upon the treasurer’s receipt of such a request. If you need a waiver of the membership fee, please contact Darlene Miller.

Elected and appointed PCOs are strongly encouraged to pay membership dues. Existing associate members are expected to pay full dues at the beginning of the year.

Annual dues are:

  • Individual ($24) twenty-four dollars;
  • Additional members of a family, ($12) twelve dollars;
  • Students and retired persons, ($15) fifteen dollars;
  • Students or retired additional family members, ($7.50) seven and one-half dollars.

New Members

New members may join at any time during the year and pay prorated dues as follows:

  • Jan to March: $24
  • April to June: $18
  • July to September: $12
  • October to December: $6


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