Elected Precinct Committee Officers are literally the foundation of the Washington State Democratic Party.

PCOs play an important role in electing Democrats. It’s their job to get to know their neighbors, educate undecided or swing voters, and make sure Democrats are registered to vote. Before Election Day, they work to turn out voters.

All this hard work adds up to precinct-by-precinct victories and the election of Democratic candidates. This is what grassroots politics is all about!

PCOs are also a central part of their local Democratic organization. They elect Party leadership, help fill vacancies in elected office, and lead their precinct caucus every two years. Becoming active with your local Democratic organization will make you a more effective PCO.

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There are two ways to become a PCO – election by the voters in your precinct, or appointment by your local Democratic Party organization.



Democratic voters in each precinct will elect PCOs in the August Primary. A candidate who runs unopposed will be automatically elected; contested elections will appear on the primary ballot. PCOs elected in August 2018 will take office on December 1st, 2018.

Elected Precinct Committee Officers must meet the following:

Be a registered voter in the 44th LD;Be elected as the Democratic PCO of a precinct within the boundaries of the 44th in accordance with Washington State law;Reside in the precinct that he or she represents.Chooses to be known publicly as a Democrat.

Click here to find Your County Elections Office

Click here to find your precinct in Snohomish County.




Local Democratic Party organizations have the right to appoint PCOs to fill any seats left vacant – either because no one filed to run, or because the elected PCO has stepped down. If your precinct is vacant, the Chair of your local Democratic Party organization can appoint you to serve as an “appointed” PCO starting immediately!

If your precinct already has a PCO, you can assist your PCO as a Precinct Outreach Team Member. Contact us and we’ll put you in touch with your PCO.

Need to find your precinct? Click here.If you don’t see a PCO listed in your precinct, talk to our chair about being appointed as the Democratic PCO to represent your precinct. If you are interested in becoming a PCO, please contact Alex Acevedo.

PCO Application

Whether elected or appointed, a PCO is expected to:

Publicly support the principles and goals of the Democratic Party;Support the work of the Democratic Party in the 44th;Donate some of their time, money, and/or energy to the 44th;Vote on matters pertaining to filling vacancies in public office;Contact the voters in their precinct at least once per year;Chair their precinct#8217;s caucus;An Elected PCO is entitled to:

Participate and vote on all matters in the biennial reorganization meeting, and monthly or special meetings of the 44th;Participate and vote in quarterly and special meetings of the Snohomish County Democratic Central Committee;Hold any elected or appointed position in the 44th;Serve on committees and subcommittees, including as committee chairs, as outlined in these Bylaws and the Standing Rules of the 44th

If you move from your precinct, you are no longer eligible to remain a PCO. You may decide you need to resign due to a health issue or any other issue that you believe will prevent you from carrying out your duties as a PCO. In those cases, you should complete the PCO resignation form. We are required to obtain a written resignation from a PCO before we can appoint another PCO for the precinct. The signed form should be sent to the chair for signature before being sent to the county chair to approve.

PCO Resignation Form

Current PCOs

BROOK Jeremy Street
FIR Stephen A Leslie
FIRCREST Kristen Bendixsen
GRAND FIRS Chase Endreson
HAVEN Jo Bedlington
HILL Anthony Cavazzini
HOLIDAY Susan E. Sheehan
KATTENHORN Gabrielle (Olivia) Burley
KENSINGTON Catherine (Cathy) Benson
LAKE STEVENS 05 Terry Van Wyck
LAKE STEVENS 06 Linda Adams
LAKE STEVENS 08 Steve Hobbs
LAKE STEVENS 10 Donna Price
LAKE STEVENS 11 Daveda Jo Hardin
LAKE STEVENS 13 Andrew Dial
LAKE STEVENS 14 Joseph Jensen
LAKE STEVENS 15 Leticia (Leti) M. Solis
LAKE STEVENS 18 Joseph Smith
LAKE STEVENS 19 Tate Sturgeon
LAKE STEVENS 21 Sherman Scott Perry
LAKE STEVENS 22 Darlene Miller
LAKE STEVENS 23 Katrina Ondracek
LAKE STEVENS 27 Michael Boe
LANTERN Stephen B. Ragland
MARION Trey Villanueva
MARKS Kathryn Watanabe
MARSH Amy Kent
MARYSVILLE 05 Michael Mitchell
MARYSVILLE 12 Sandra Billmyer
MARYSVILLE 14 Janet Credo
MARYSVILLE 16 Derek N. Ryiter
MARYSVILLE 22 Diana B. McGinness
MARYSVILLE 30 Melissa Difrancesco
MARYSVILLE 34 Mitchell V. Christian 
MARYSVILLE 56 Jason Call
MEADOW Miwa Morita
MILL CREEK 01 John Lovick
MILL CREEK 02 Rick DeWitt
MILL CREEK 04 Dan Willner
MILL CREEK 08 Stephanie Vignal
MILL CREEK 10 Jared M. Mead
MILL CREEK 11 Benjamin Briles
MILL CREEK 12 Terry Ryan
MILL CREEK 13 Matthew Harrison
MILL CREEK 17 Suzanne M. Apodaca
MILL CREEK 19 Laura Hathaway
OHLDE Sharol J. Hallanger
OLYMPUS Christine D. Bourne
OSBORN Christina Bengtson
PELLERIN Pamela M. Gillum
PETERSON Gregory Pratt
PINEWOOD Peggy Gant Harms
POINTE Renee L. Malowney
RIVERVIEW Wendy Valentine
RUGGSLAKE Brandy Donaghy 
SEXTON Stephen Camp
SILVER FIRS Kerrie McLaughlin
SILVER LAKE Kathy Christensen
SNOHOMISH 02 Rick Walker
SNOHOMISH 03 Jessica Newkirk
SNOHOMISH 05 Linda Redmon
SNOHOMISH 06 Elizabeth Larsen
SNOHOMISH 08 Merritt Weese
SNOHOMISH 09 Michael Brewer
STRAWBERRY Holly Winters 
THOMAS CREEK James Hegarty
TOWER George Atwater
TUCKER Josh Loomis
WINDROSE Rubin Jackson
WINDSONG M. (Kay) Acholonu
WOODRIDGE Rebecca Evans

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