From time to time our organization adopts resolutions expressing the opinions of our organization to be presented to our State Committee and others whom we deem may be interested in the position of our body.

Resolutions can be presented by a member to the body, as stated below.  Members of the body can speak for or against the resolution and then the body will vote for or against the resolution.

2.1 Format and Submission for Consideration

A resolution is required to be submitted in writing (typed), in the proper format (as per Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised), to the Executive Board for approval prior to its introduction at a general meeting. A resolution may be submitted in writing to any member of the Executive Board of the 44th. The Executive Board shall consider any properly framed resolution from any member of the 44th at its next scheduled meeting. The Executive Board shall consider any resolution submitted in writing during an Executive Board meeting at that same meeting. The only permissible delay in consideration of a resolution shall occur in the event that the member presenting the resolution voluntarily requests either a later consideration of the resolution or a withdrawal of the resolution prior to a vote by the Executive Board. Should the Executive Board vote to recommend the presentation of the resolution to the members, the resolution shall be included on the agenda for the next general meeting, and the text of the resolution shall be posted on the website of the 44th Legislative Democrats, with a notice of its upcoming presentation to the members.

2.2 Amendments to Resolutions

The Executive Board may recommend, but may not compel, amendments before the presentation of any resolution to the members. Once a resolution has been presented to the members at a general meeting, any member may move to amend a resolution.

The Executive Board shall assign a unique identifying code number to each resolution.

2.3 Adopted Resolutions

All adopted resolutions shall be posted on the 44th’s website. Resolutions forwarded to other organizations may be amended to suit the receiving organization’s requirements.

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