Democratic Resolution Template

LD99RES – 1701A -170112 – PROPOSED – LAW – Supporting I-0000

99th LD Resolution 1701A

Resolution Supporting Do Sign and Vote Yes on I-0000

WHEREAS every resolution requires a Title, at least one WHEREAS clause, and at least one RESOLVED clause, and

WHEREAS I-0000 is a fictional statewide initiative that our fictional 99th LD organization is pretending to support, and

WHEREAS each “whereas” clause states an indisputable fact that describes the situation regarding I-0000 to the reader so clearly and concisely that the entire resolution fits on one page and can be understood by anyone with no other reference materials, and

WHEREAS alert readers notice that the entire resolution reads as a single sentence that uses the word “and” to conjoin other clauses except for this one ending in a semicolon;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that We, The 99th Legislative District Democrats, define the sense of the pronoun “We” in this first RESOLVED clause to identify ourselves as an organization that is authorized to pass resolutions, and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that We Endorse Do Sign and Vote Yes on I-0000 because we want voters to sign petitions to put I-0000 on the next general election ballot and to vote Yes on I-0000 when their ballots arrive in October, and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that We forward this resolution to the campaign organization supporting Do Sign and Vote Yes on I-0000 to quickly inform them of our endorsement, and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that We forward this resolution to our Washington State Legislative Delegation, the Washington State Executive, our Federal Congressional Delegation for their consideration, and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that We post this resolution on our website and encourage other local Democratic Party Organizations in Washington State to co-sign with us by adopting this same resolution, and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that We find that this resolution is of an urgent matter and that it be considered for adoption at the same meeting that it was introduced, and

BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED that We conclude this resolution by using the word “finally” to denote the last resolved clause.


The Washington State Democrats have rules for submitting resolutions. These rules are normally found in each meeting call packet, mailed out to state committee people about a month or so prior to each state party meeting. These rules include resolution notation, which refers to the notes appearing at the upper right corner of the page.

The title consists of several parts

LD99RES       The Body that passed the resolution.

1701A             The resolution’s number. Resolutions are given a number.

The year and month, plus a letter code, works great.

The second resolution introduced in 2017 January would be 1701B.

170112            The date of last action on the resolution.

PROPOSED   The last action taken on the resolution.

LAW               The issue that the resolution is addressing. One of the following:

AGR Agriculture
CIV Civil and Human Rights
CORP Corporate Power
ECON Economic Justice and Development
EDU Education
ENV Energy and the Environment
FOR Foreign Policy
GOV Government and Political Reform
HEA Health Care
HUM Human Services
IMM Immigration
PAR Internal Party Business
LAB Labor
LAW Law and Justice
MED Media Reform
MIL Military and Veterans
TRAN Transportation
TRIB Tribal Relations

Supporting I-0000

The Resolution’s Short Title, assigned by state party staff.

Rick DeWitt wrote this Democratic Resolution Template in January 2017, and he gives you permission to create derivative works from it.

Download the Resolution Template.docx

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