Peggy is a graduate of Woodway High School and attended the University of Washington (English Major).  She’s lived in Snohomish County most of her life. She raised two children while running a business from home, a medical transcription service called Letter Perfect with accounts stretching from Everett to North Seattle. After 29 years she retired (largely thanks to Dragon voice recognition, I have to say!). As a small business owner, making what amounts to a modest income and not huge profits, I found the B&O taxes in this state grossly unfair.

She was always an independent voter until Bush. She attended her first caucus in 2004, the year Howard Dean and John Kerry ran. That was one of those years the Democrat Caucuses were swamped with long lines of people waiting to get in.  She remembered no one in her precinct had been to a caucus before and no one knew what they were doing. When she was later approached to become a PCO, she didn’t even know what one does, but  felt someone should organize her precinct. She has been a PCO since 2008 and has volunteered for numerous campaigns, but her primary focus has always been to take care of her precinct, keep her neighbors informed, and listen to their concerns.

Now that she’s retired, besides the gardening she finally has time for, and cooking, and her elderly dog who thinks she exists solely to care for his needs, helping to elect democrats to office is what she choose to be involved in.  She believes if PCOs could garner just a few more votes in every precinct, we would be unstoppable, and that would be a very good thing for our children and grandchildren.

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