As Rubin’s father approached retirement from his career in the Navy, his parents chose Washington to settle in (1979). Although he spent the bulk of his life living in King County, most of it was in the Bothell area. His small family has been living in Silver Firs for 10 years now.

His career in the engineering sector has allowed him to work on a variety of infrastructure projects that help society as a whole. They range from small hydro in Sultan, WA, rail corridors in Florida, bridge structures in Lynnwood over I-5, to reservoirs in Guatemala.
Like a lot of people across this country, he felt he was a bystander for far too long.  He felt compelled to get involved and to make his voice heard and, more importantly, he wanted to stop letting “them” make all the decisions.  He also feels that voting is the first and foremost duty and obligation we have as citizens of this great country. The second is to be informed and involved in our own communities.  Together we can shape our futures.
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